That Boy Is Good

As a senior in high school, I remember being very "interested" in sex. I had a steady boyfriend and we'd "play" and stuff but I wanted to "do it" like people talked about in songs. Then this artist hit the scene with his song, CAN U GET WIT IT. It was on - I liked young Usher Raymond b/c he was feeling what I was! LOL! I became more of a fan as time went on because we got to see a TRUE entertainer in Usher - not only could he sing lyrics that made this girl wanna get with it, but he could REALLY dance. Album after album, single after single, hot video after hot video, Usher kept me intrigued. Today he is still doing it. He manages to stay relevant and always delivers the hotness. I just watched last night's SNL and his performance was as they always are - HOT. ENJOY ...

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