All This Love

Last night I tuned into the BET Awards. I have so many comments but I'll say that the highlight for me was when El Debarge gave an impromptu concert! He came from NO WHERE (I had no idea he'd appear) and sang a slew of his hits. He sang one of my all time fav songs that I tend to forget about! When I was a kid I used to sing the heck out of this song! Obviously at that tender age I didn't really know what he was talking about...or did I? As a kid, I loved the idea of love that I heard about in ballads and saw on romantic movies. I'd sing my heart out b/c in some sort of weird way I REALLY felt the words. When we are young, we sometimes know more than our age indicates. Now that I'm older, I don't think I am as open to love ... but the reality is that true LOVE is always there for us. Its not always in some person but in life itself. Before I go on a tangent, here's my Monday motivational song. All that love awaits all of us!!!!

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