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I read somewhere that we all are mirrors of characters in the Bible. When I was young I LOVED this one cartoon about this kid with a time machine that got to go back to the Bible days. I got to know the characters of the Bible very well through the cartoon. As I got older, I would attend vacation Bible school every summer. That furthered my education on the personalities of people during the Bible days. As a kid, I gravitated toward David b/c of my name (often times on first glance people think it is David A. instead of DaVida). Now that I'm older and more aware, I think I gravitated toward David because I see so much of myself and my life in his.
First reason, when he was a kid, David was NOT looked at as a king - in fact, he was the little brother that had to tend to the sheep. Further, when the King sent word to Jesse that one of his sons would be king, he didn't even introduce David! I see that as a great parallel with my childhood. I don't think anyone, including my family, believed I'd be this far in my life right now, but in my heart, I knew I was always destined for something more.
Then there's the Golliath thing - I feel that I have encountered Golliath's quite a bit in my life. I will feel overwhelmed with some insurmountable adversary but every time, I find the strength to face the obstacles. That strength is generally based in the fact I know God is with me and has my back - sometimes it just takes a while for me to remember.
Another reason I love David so is that I've had my share of ummm...indiscretions lol! But obviously David did as well - he was absolutely not a "perfect" man! And God loved him. A lot. Despite how "bad" he was. God saw his good. I want to be more like David in the level of my faith - no matter what he praised God. I want to be that strong that when I face issues, I don't want to have that lapse where I wonder if I am going to be okay. Clearly David faced a few sticky situations and even when on the run for his life, he not only praised God, but wrote the most commonly read book in the Bible!
So in response to the article, I must say while I find similarities with many characters in the Bible, I am most like David. After all, there are no coincidences so my name alone is a reminder of my connection to him!

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Becky said...

One of my favorite praise songs at church is "Dance Like David". What an amazing person to associate yourself with!!

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