JAYE Magazine is BACK!!!

JAYE, the lifestyle magazine that realizes college is more than the classroom and serves as the authority on fashion, style, beauty, health and culture for smart, sophisticated and stylish women across the country as they achieve success now and work towards post-graduate prosperity later, relaunches this fall, relaunches this fall and there are still opportunities to contribute! The magazine is online, so you can be anywhere to contribute as long as you have Internet access and a computer.

If you can identify trends as they happen in the street or on the runway, and conceptualize them into engaging and lustful story ideas; if you know what the Alex Wang Freja and PS1 are and why they're relevant to the current fashion landscape; and if you have an insatiable hunger to find the newest, most under-the-radar talents in the industry, then a spot on the JAYE fashion team may be for you. E-mail Fashion Director Chandler Stephens (Chandler.Stephens@yahoo.com) with your resume and a short cover letter in the body of the message.

Are you just as interested in the psychological side of beauty as the product- and trend-driven aspects of the topic? Are you able to translate key makeup and hair trends into irresistible prose that not only engages readers, but enlightens them? Does hunting for health and fitness stories, trends and breakthroughs get you blood boiling? Then, we want you on our beauty team. E-mail Editor-in-Chief Michael Jones (jayemagmike@gmail.com) with your resume and a short cover letter in the body of the message.

If you are proactive about going to get stories and not waiting for them to come to you, e-mail Executive Editor Melissa Kimble (mkimble076@gmail.com) about joining our features team. You should know what a lead is, have a little experience interviewing a variety of people, have access to and know what an AP Stylebook is, and be able to juggle a couple of stories at a time. Also, there are tons of FOB opportunities for shorter culture and lifestyle pieces so if you're searching for a few clips, we just may be a match made in magazine heaven.

JAYE seeks a savvy, organized and articulate managing editor to oversee editorial production, managing editorial, art, photo and to ensure, in simple terms, that the magazine closes on time. You'll work to create issue production schedules, develop and enforce departmental deadlines and provide administrative management for the editorial staff. You should have some experience on newspapers and magazines and be well-versed in all aspects of lifestyle publications. This isn't a writing-first position, but if you're looking for an opportunity to lead a staff of young, creative and ambitious college students and recent grads, then you should sending your e-mail and cover letter to EIC Michael Jones (jayemagmike@gmail.com), stat!

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