If You Ask Me I'm Ready ...

Unthinkable - Impossible to imagine; inconceivable. Contrary to what is plausible or probable. Not to be thought of or considered.

When I first heard the Alicia Keys song "Unthinkable," I immediately found that it resonated with me. I was so drawn to it and I assumed it was because of the guy I was digging. If that situation had worked out it would have been unthinkable! LOL! It didn't pan out so but I still get a really good feeling when I hear the song. So I began to examine the word "Un-THINK-able". Hmmmm what things do I need to un-think?
What would happen if I...
  • I completed my documentary and submitted it to film festivals?
  • I finished writing this short I've been playing around with forever?
  • I stopped trying to be "right" and just went with my gut?
  • I went after the deepest desires of my heart?
  • I found out the true power I possess?
  • I committed whole entirely to a healthier lifestyle?
  • I found the strength to release all addictions?
  • I opened up myself to love all the time no matter what?
  • I saw the good in all situations?
  • Found a way to work with people when they were imperfect instead of just shutting down?
  • Forgave myself for everything?
  • Accepted people (including myself) for who they are instead of holding them to my standards?
  • Got out out of my head and stopped over-thinking everything?
  • Pour myself into my own projects they way I pour myself into the work of others?
  • Love myself unconditionally?
  • Acknowledge that I'm a child of the most high so no matter what I'm ok?
  • Let go of everything I think I have in pursuit of what I am to become?
If I do the unthinkable, will I be viewed as crazy? The reality is that I'm driving myself crazy debating and procrastinating. I'm not sure I'm fully prepared for what shall come, but I do know without a doubt that I'm ready...


My @ tha Hotness said...

Make it happen!!! :) You can do anything you set your mind to do.

Karla said...

Please postpone your commitment to a healthy lifestyle until after July 12. LOL!

I think everything mentioned here should be discussed over beignets and coffee with 2 other phenomenal women we know...

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