Bottled Water... I'm Off That!

I have thousands of theories about how many manufactured products are a bunch of hype to keep us hooked. Now I see even the water I drink is about of this trend!!! Watch, learn, decide for yourself. I personally decided NO MORE bottled water. I am still leery of the water here since Katrina, but I refuse to participate in this nonsense anymore! Not only are we buying a falsely advertised product, the bottles are a main source of pollution!And did you know that studies show when plastic water bottles sit around in the sun (you know like driving and the bottle is in your car or when the bottles have sat in the moving truck for days from the manufacturer to the store!). Yeah I'm off bottled water. RIGHT NOW!


Laura said...

W.T.G! Deciding to drink filtered tap water instead of bottled water can have huge benefits for the earth. We can eliminate unnecessary waste going into our landfills and oceans, cut back on the energy it takes to produce and transport the bottles, reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals like BPA, and stop supporting an industry moving to turn water from a common resource into an expensive commodity. I am so proud of you! Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi! http://thewaterfilterladysblog.com

creativeseven said...

I just told a friend that I was quitting the bottled water. I have a portable bottle (called a bobble) that filters water so that's cheaper and more convenient. After reading a bottle of water that said it came from a municipal source that's when I stopped purchasing. Also to save on waste.

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