NOLA Summer Jam

New Orleans has been good to me in so many ways. The biggest way is that it has inspired my creativity. My ideas have been flowing like water and I've been meeting equally talented folk to help me actually complete my endeavors. There is so much talent here it is hard to explain. I've been most impressed with the hip hop community here. First of all, there IS a REAL, viable hip hop community here. I will admit before I moved here I thought it was just the typical expected sound but in actuality there is a great amount of conscious, enlightened rappers that can go head to head with any national artist. ANY of them. Then there's great producers. Such original beats and sounds I just love it. I'm really grateful to have met Lawrence "CRACKTRACKS" Parker. He's not only a dope producer who loves music, he loves his native city of New Orleans. I posted his Motivation504 mixtape a while ago, but failed to mention that is also a dope event promoter. His latest endeavor is NOLA SUMMER JAM. I actually got to be a part of the planning of the event that is the initial stage of bringing an official hiphop festival to New Orleans, which is known for the multitude of music festivals it hosts every year. If you're around and free on this Saturday, June 19, come check out this movement that has me captivated.

For the latest information on the event and ticket information please visit : http://www.nolasummerjam.blogspot.com/

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