Good Bye Dear Shades

I can be somewhat cheap when it comes to purchasing expensive items - especially acessories. I can't count how many times I've gone into the store to purchase a Louis Vuitton bag and left because I couldn't bear the idea of spending that much for a purse. Or how I don't even look at Christian Louboutin's in the store because I know I can't afford it. About two years ago I put that all aside when I tried on a pair of Gucci shades at the urging of a store attendant. She was so right - they were literally amazing on my face. I HAD to have 'em.

They broke the other day. I was like no sweat, I can get the screw replaced. I went to Lens Crafters at lunch and after 10 minutes, I found out that it is impossible to fix. ARGH!!!!!!!! I'm so saddened by my loss. I mean for that type of money, I'd expect them to last for like five years or something (yes, in addition to my cheapness I keep stuff forever because it should just last darn it!). So as I search for an affordable replacement so I don't go blind in the Miami sun this weekend, I mourn the loss of my glasses. We've had some good times !!!

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DaVida Chanel said...

LOL! They are fixed ... just won't say how!!!!!

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