What Is My Problem ...

I've been in such a FUNK lately. I have been staying up late (I'm generally not up past 10:30/11 during the week) and getting up way early (not moving or doing anything productive, just laying there). I'm not content. I'm not at ease. I don't have peace. So what's my problem? I don't even know - I can't yet call it. To deal with my issues, I'm going to say F*&# it and go on vacation tomorrow. I need a break from the regular and the real. I need to just go be near some water and see if I can find some ease for my soul. I'm going to Miami to get away from my thoughts and just take some time to do me.

Let's hope it helps with this funk!


Karla said...

I prescribe the following:
1 good book/magazine
3 hours at a south Florida beach
1 heaping dose of Karla

You'll be back to yourself in no time!

Stella B. said...

you go lady!

check it. love it. live it.

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