Last night I watched Monday night's episode of Flavor of Love 3. I was feeding my ego - you always know when it is ego when you feel superior to others. My ego always feels better when watching that show because it makes my situation of loneliness and unhappiness seem better -
"at least I'm not playing myself for Flav!".
Anyway, during one of the stunts last night, the girls split up into teams and had to act out their wedding to Flav. Hotlanta, who is being evicted because she spent her rent money to go onto the show, played one of the brides. She professed her love to Flav. Well, the task of the other girls was to object to the vows. Sincere, another contestant, blasted Hotlanta calling her all types of names and just really disrespecting her. Hotlanta was upset because the whole time Flav just looked back and forth between her and Sincere and said, "WOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW". Hotlanta said that she needed a man to defend her and that she was so disappointed that Flav didn't say a word. Later, she attempted to explain this to another contestant, Tree. She added that it bothers her that everyone says she's money hungry because Flav is not rich and this isn't even his house. Tree flipped the story and told Flav causing a huge house fight. Hotlanta was later eliminated from the show.
Now, even though watching the show began as an exercise in feeding my ego, I was alert and aware enough to realize quite a few things from this show. I have been thinking all season that someone should stand up to this guy. He's made all of these women look ridiculous - telling one that her breath was awful, making two girls explain why he should keep them, bringing in four new girls mid-way the show because the first set of women weren't good enough. Give me a break. I was proud that even in her alcohol driven haze, Hotlanta was able to recognize her worth and express exactly what it was that she wanted in a man. I felt like even though she was being called every name in the book (poor, trash, money hungry, whore), she stood firm that she was a good woman and Flav should recognize her as such. Regardless to how she was being judged she didn't let other people's views influence who she believed herself to be.
Wait, could it be that someone I had so little respect for and had judged on numerous occasions reminded me of one of the most important life lessons?

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