Work is Good

I LOVE work - I like having the responsibilities that having a job bring. I like having somewhere to be everyday at a certain time and I like that if I'm away somehow the workplace will suffer a tad bit. I like being held accountable and having to get things done. I like checking my account on pay day and feeling like I earned the money that is there. I also enjoy the opportunity to grow on a job - I like to feel like if I grind long and hard enough at some point it will make a difference in my title and pay rate. If the incentives are right, I'll work like a Hebrew slave - going above and beyond the call of duty. I'm good at work - not a particular job or title but the activity of work itself. I am REALLY good at working ... unless I have no motivation. At that point, I hit a wall and could give a f&*# about the job I hold. I'm now facing a wall at my current job.

Don't get me wrong, I have a good job. By industry standards and compared to others, this is a good assistant job. It is just that I feel so underutilized. I mean, I've mastered the art of answering calls, taking messages, organizing a schedule, getting gifts for other people's clients and families - all of that. I'm basically over being an assistant. BUT in this town, you just don't put in some time and then get promoted. All other types of factors have to be in play and none of those are in play for me at this time.

You'd think I'd be able to just get a new job. I mean I have experience with two different talent management companies and good references. I have a god damn law degree for pete's sake. BUT you'd be wrong. There's 100's of folk with the same credentials that I have vying to reach the executive level and leave their assistant duties behind. Additionally, I don't want to just get a new job. I don't want to go master mundane skills to help someone else make money and reach their destiny while I struggle with mine. I want to start my own company - I want to work for me. I want to put this energy and effort into doing what I want to do - not what I have to do.

So I'm working on a start up. I've got a partner and we're doing our thing - that is going fine, slowly but moving ahead. In the meantime, I've still got to eat, pay my rent and bills. I've got to have some income - stable income. I've also got to have a job that I get some enjoyment from - otherwise, I half-ass show up, doing the bare minimum to get by which doesn't help my career in the long run. I've got to get into the flow of this job and deal with it until something else comes along. I want to be excited again about working because right now googling is the only thing that keeps me excited at work!

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