Random Groups of 10

10 Things I want ...
* To be able to run - like FloJo run
* To be less compulsive and reactive
* Learn to be easy
* Let go of some stuff
* Be a better manager of my finances
* Be more grateful for the hand I'm playing
* Love myself unconditionally ALL THE TIME
* To be able to always see the good ALWAYS
* To fully accept myself - ALL of me
* To be more open and in the present

10 Things I Am Grateful for RIGHT NOW...
* Living in the City of Angels - where I've always wanted to reside
* Knowing that I am loved
* A new level of awareness
* Having a job I honestly love
* Independence and personal freedom
* Vision and the ability to see things in a better light
* Being able to communicate via text, IM and email
* Having live flowers around the office
* Really seeing how I am attracting certain things and people into my life
* Reality TV (tonight I catch up on Big Brother and Girliscious!!!)

10 Things I'd Eat IF I Wasn't Going to MIAMI in 15 Days ...
* A cupcake from Crumbs
* Pizza
* Donuts
* Some Popeyes
* Nachos from Taco Bell
* Regular pasta (as opposed to the whole wheat variety)
* Anything w/whipped cream
* Chocolate cake from Ralph's
* Warm Chocolate chip cookies w/Ice Cream

10 Things I'd Do More if Money Weren't An Issue
* Take yoga classes consistently
* Get my hair done more often
* Visit my friends who live close
* Mail the boxes from my trunk to my little sister
* Get my nails done
* Eat better more consistently
* Keep my car washed
* Go see more movies
* Pay ALL of my bills on time
* Send birthday and milestone gifts to my friends/family kids

1 comment:

Bianca (as in Jagger) said...

You're going to Miami! Shit, I wouldn't have brought those apple tarts home... Sowwy. :(

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