21 Days

Some friends and I are doing a 21 day cleanse/detox. We are not having sugar, caffeine, animal products, gluten or alcohol for 21 days. We've all modified the plan to include foods necessary for our own specific diets as well as to include spiritual and physical aspects to the plan.
I decided to eliminate some of my daily activities that don't add to my life. The most challenging is internet gossip sites. First off, I generally go to these sites because I am bored at work. I spend a lot of time checking the sites to see if anything is new because I'll be utterly bored at work. For the next 3 weeks, I'm challenging myself to stay out of other people's business and get involved with the business of me. I can utilize this time much more effectively than I have been and I'm looking forward to experiencing things that make me better throughout the day.
This cleanse isn't all about taking things away though. I've added some things to my routine that I feel will be beneficial. I've vowed to do an am walk 3 times a week and to go to the Canyon or Griffith Observatory once a week. I'm vowing to spend time outside during lunchtime. I'm going to spend time taking care of me - I'm going to really take time with myself. For example with simple actions as putting on lotion after a shower, I'm going to really take care and effort into it. And I'm going to meditate and do affirmations everday for the 21 days in an effort to make it a concrete habit.
I'm extremely excited for this time!

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