Say It Again Beyonce!

So today is one of those days - from about 10:55 this morning to now, it has been extremely shitty (are you allowed to curse on blogger?). You name it, it happened.
The Highlights:
Career - My boss is going THRU IT (and since my survival as an assistant depends on what our office generates, I'm of the opinion that we are in this together so that means I'm going thru it as well)! He told me this has been the worst day of his career and I think this is probably the worst I have seen in this Hollywood game. I am witnessing the harshest, ugliest side of the business I chose to be a part of today.
Personal life - my finances are in shambles. I've got about $10 and need at least $800 by Monday. I don't know how long "my car" will continue to be "my car" and how long I can maintain my apartment. And I have no idea how I'm going to eat next week when I'm not at work. Due to all these things, my family is over it, and me right now. They are upset because I'm supposed to be the smart one and I've clearly made not so smart decisions.
But you know what ... I'm just fine (not the passive agressive fine but from my soul fine).
I am not playing the victim - I take full responsibility for all that I am experiencing. I'm not using the word BUT because there are no BUT's and no one to blame. I know now more than ever I am on the right track - I've got faith that I AM just fine RIGHT NOW. What's the worst that can happen? I don't know or care because I know the BEST that can happen. My tunnel vision is in full effect- literally I can only see the light at the end of the tunnel or is it at the top of the well? I'm awake and aware of everything that is happening around me. Things are as they are and I'm fine with that in fact I'm better than that! I'm better than what appears to be reality. What is REALLY true is that I'm well taken care of all the time.
TRUTH - all my needs are met long before I ask.
TRUTH - I live in gratitude and I am aware of the abundance and prosperity that God is.
TRUTH - all is well in my world right now!
TRUTH - I am a survivor and I'm not gonna give up. I'm not going to stop, keep 'on surviving!
Say it again BEYONCE! (Love this video because it reminds me I got to go to their farewell tour and see it in person. While I was there watching this group I love do what they love, I felt like I made the right decision in coming to L.A. I felt the show on a whole and I felt this song. I felt then and feel it now.)

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