I can be pretty P.C. - I follow a lot of rules EVEN when the rules are self made and no one would know if I broke them. There are some things I feel are universal societal rules that we shouldn't break. One of those major rules is that I generally believe that people shouldn't discuss politics or religion. I believe this because inevitably someone will become uncomfortable and it is just inappropriate to make people feel discomfort.
Last night I went to a friend of a friends place to watch the game and somehow we began discussing religion. It was highly interesting. At first I was a little uncomfortable, but after I relaxed, I began to listen and I found out some things I had never heard. No one was trying to convince me of anything but I found out some things I wanted to research on my own about history that happened to revolve around a religious premise.
Most importantly, I came to a conclusion that my societal norm/rule of not discussing politics or religion was probably constructed by people in power. If you don't discuss things that are so powerful, you may not learn anything new and stick to a belief that keeps the current power in power. I felt so free as we discussed the root of Christianity. At some point during the night, I had a vision of a young slave girl listening to someone tell her about Africa for the first time and how her people were kings and queens ruling a tribe. The storyteller also told of how back at home he praised the sun because the sun and the stars were God. A master burst in brutally whipping the storyteller saying not to talk about politics or religion on his plantation - he said that Christ was God and that he was now the king and that was all they needed to know. The master looked at the girl and said if I ever catch you talking this crap I'll skin you alive. I saw her later being in a similar situation but when someone began to tell her something she whispered it is not right to talk about religion or politics. Keep it to yourself.
I don't plan on going out attempting to change others with my beliefs, but I am now willing to speak my mind on all subjects and not shying away from conversational topics that may be uncomfortable. That small feeling of discomfort may lead to a vast amount of personal freedom ... and isn't the point to be free?

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