Shoes, Drugs, Money and Floating - Dream Interpretation 101

I'm on a 21 day cleanse and am using it as a time to become more spiritually aware and more in touch with myself. I am a bit of an emotional eater and drinker and can use food and alcohol as vices sometimes. Not being able to eat my trigger foods causes me to really look at what is happening in my life and find real solutions to my problems ... well not "find" more like let the solutions unfold.
Some of the material I'm reading suggests writing down your dreams and interpreting them to reveal what is happening on the inside spiritually. I've tried this exercise before but I often can't remember enough details of the dreams. I've been consistently writing for a couple of weeks and have found the writing helps me to remember.
On Saturday night I had a weird dream. I was out somewhere with Mistie and her boyfriend and every table had boxes of free shoes. The shoes seemed like Converse All Stars but the brand name/logo were different. They were weird, all sorts of random colors. While searching for a pair that fit, I kept putting on all these different shoes that were way too big. It was weird because the picture on the box was one look and my size, but the shoe would be totally different. I got tired of shoes and opened a random CD case and it was full of cocaine. Then other CD cases started to appear. It was really weird and random but I then remember the scene cutting to a huge pool party. Mistie and I can't swim and always discuss it. I was telling her just do it you are athletic you'll be okay and there's too many people here to let you drown. She hopped in the water and kept bobbing up and down - not drowning but not quite swimming. She gets out fully dressed and drenched and told me to get in because she wanted to see how my feet go when I glide. So I did - I got in, kicked off the wall and glided across the pool (I know how to do this in real life). When I got to the other side I just started floating all over the pool. I got out when some other friends came walking over and we all started hanging out like a party.
No big until last night's dream. I dreamed about swimming and cocaine again. I dreamed that my friend Scott and I went to someone's house to return some stuff I had for her. After we finished we were going to go to his house and he'd teach me to swim so I was wearing a swimsuit. While doing something Scott asked me for a dollar. When I looked into my wallet, all of the dollar bills were rolled up as if they had been used to snort cocaine. I handed him one and sheepishly said this isn't my money. He unrolled a bill and huge pieces of cocaine began to fall from the dollar. I scooped it into a wooden box and kept it moving. He said what's up with that and I responded that I wanted to give everything back with the money and changed the subject. (Now initially this wasn't that weird to me because I read a script at work yesterday and when surrounded by drugs the main character scooped some into a wooden box.)
Today my boss is out of town and I am B O R E D - I have stuff to do but I don't want to (reading at your super quiet desk seems simple enough but I can't concentrate for shit today). Luckily google is amazing - I googled dream interpretations drugs and the following research project ensued:
  • Shoes - If a woman dreams about shoes, this dream is usually connected with her love life. Trying on different pairs of shoes means, that she is looking for a partner or deciding about a partner. In other cases, shoes symbolize errands we run every day. Putting on a comfortable pair of shoes is a good omen saying that you are going to have success. Having very tight shoes on means that you feel uncomfortable in the current situation, or you are going to have some small difficulties ahead. Finding a shoe in the dream indicates that you will meet a stranger. If you are giving a pair of shoes away, it means that you want to get rid of a person, or that person is going to leave you soon. If you buy a pair of shoes, it means that you have a long way to go in order to achieve your goals. Looking at old worn-down shoes is a warning to pay more attention and care to solve an unpleasant matter. Worn-down shoes also could possibly mean your dissatisfaction and unhappiness in the present situation; or they also might imply that to be with your old partner is more comfortable and secure than to look for a new one.
  • Drugs - If you use drugs rarely or never, then this dream could represent a need to get well, to escape from daily stress, and a desire to get quick relief. The drugs could be suggesting a need for healing and getting in balance. Your unconscious mind may be suggesting outrageous things in hopes that you get the message to "have fun, dream dreams, and get out of your own head!" Please keep in mind that the purpose of dreams is to raise our consciousness and to assist us in having better lives. The message in the dream about drug use is most likely not encouraging you to use drugs but it may represent a need to feel better or get better.
  • Money - Money can be lost, gained, or spent in dreaming. Dreams about money are often really about power, control, and competency. Many people who dream about money are controlled by it-the desire for it, the lack of it, or the inability to control themselves with it. This last category is seen most clearly in money dreams experienced by people who re drowning in debt.
  • Floating - To dream that you are floating, implies acceptance, letting go of your problems or worries and just going with the flow. You are experiencing new-found freedom. It also signifies that you will prove victorious in your obstacles that may presently seem overwhelming.
Hmmm, now knowing what these things generally symbolize in dreams is quite interesting and they really do apply to my current situation.
  • I have recently admitted to myself that I want badly to be in love and in a serious relationship. I went out with a guy locally that was really a nice guy but nothing really came of it. I met a guy I REALLY like but he lives really far and has been M.I.A. for a while so I'm not sure what is up with that. There was this other guy I never really liked like that but always kind of thought we could "possibly" end up together but I know for a fact now it is not a possibility. It has been bothering me because I really want a love relationship but I haven't really been speaking on it.
  • I do feel some need for a quick fix - I feel like I have to resolve my issues with my money, career and relationships to have a happier existence. Lately I've been really dealing with wanting to get and feel better.
  • I do feel that lately money is becoming the controlling point of my life. I do not worship money but my lack of money is causing me to feel trapped and hard pressed to make something and fast! I am at a loss and every night before I go to sleep I literally just cry because I can not believe I am in this situation I pray every night that I can just accept it all and just be free.

Is that what the floating signifies?!?!?!?! Maybe I can't see it yet but a breakthrough is coming and I'll get some freedom? I like the sound of that! Tonight instead of crying before bed, I'll just remember the picture in my head of me floating across that pool - no worries, no drama, no money, no illness ... just floating! Maybe God is speaking to me through my dreams and maybe this is all just some coincidence. Either way, I'm willing and ready to start relying on the power greater than myself. I'm also down to get my behind in some water and FAST to realize how freeing floating can be.


Karla said...

Whenever I come down, we're swimming!

I saw a couple of different angles. There were so many shoes to choose from, you got tired of looking at them and ended up looking at drugs instead. Does this mean that you are finally at a place that you're ready for a relationship in the mature way that you've essentially stopped looking and have let go to simply let the right one come along? And you kept stumbling up on drugs in hidden places. Does this mean that you haven't fully acquiesed your desire to control the direction of your life, even though you're recognizing a need for healing?

I never get to dream about shoes. And you know how much I love shoes.

DaVida Chanel said...

You are on point guru Karla!!!! AND I hope you don't have to dream about shoes because you've found the PERFECT pair!!!! I don't think I've fully given up the need for control - such a challenge but I'm on board! THANKS FRIEND!!!

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