So Good I Had to Share

WOW! I've come in contact with some good stuff lately ... so good I had to share and highly recommend!

Lil' Wayne's Carter 3 -

I LOVE this CD! I am not a huge rap fans - I like rap songs, the ones that get you crunk in the club but I have been anticipating this CD (a friend listens to Weezy mix cd's and got me on him). This CD is WONDERFUL! Lil' Wayne is truly an artist - he paints lyrical pictures I can see. I feel like I'm watching a movie as he spits rhymes. Gotta get that Weezy!

Ambi Skincare Products-

I went to an event on Saturday and Ambi was the sponsor. At the end of the event, we got a gift bag with their full line of skincare from their Soft and Even and Even and Clear lines (a foaming cleanser, an exfoliating cleanser, a moisturizer, lotion, several fade creams, stretch mark oil, a cream to use on elbows and knees to even their color and a targeted mark cream). So I was kinda skeptical at first (growing up, my family said Ambi was for people trying to "get light") and even joked throughout the party about their products. I decided to give it a go starting Sunday night. Why is my skin GLOWING! My legs and body feel so soft from the lotion! It is too early to tell on the stretch mark cream but I like it!!! I'm so happy!!! Such good stuff!!!

Donning Your Own Personal Style

I have tons of conversations with my friends about my personal style. I often speak on what I want to look like IF I had more money or WHEN I get a better body. I was going out this weekend and challenged myself to display the personal style I would like to embody - and because of the time crunch, I had to use what I had. I always say I want to look like an executive but not like an old lady - like a sexy corporate type but not slutty. I think I captured that. The point of the exercise was to just embody me - and it worked WONDERS. That night was the most fun I'd had in a long time! We danced all night and had a ball with my friends who looked equally amazing. Good times had by all!

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