Is Today The Day?

Some polls are reporting that Barack Obama has enough votes to secure the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States of America. I am filled with emotion. It is not because of the obvious historic event that is occurring - this is the first time in our nation's history that a person of color has been this close. I'm more excited because of what Obama means to me.

Barack embodies a lot of what I'm moving toward in my life. He stands for what he believes regardless of how it is viewed or what other people may think. He seems genuine and authentic at all times. He believes in hope and peace when all things indicate there is no hope and peace seems impossible. He has upheld his integrity as a senator when it is obviously easy to let the lobbyists sway you to accept gifts. And even though he is on the up and up in so many ways, he is still human and struggles like many people do with addiction (his vice is nicotine which many say is more powerful than any drug).

Obama represents to me the same feeling I suppose many young people had when Kennedy was elected. I feel like he's the type of politician that can change the world and bring back a sense of dignity to our nation. The fact that he is of color is just icing on the cake and reminds me that I can not let the color of my skin or my gender stop me from doing anything. I am very excited about this pending nomination - it is a cool, calming excitement that has come over me. As Obama continues to press towards the goal of one day sitting in the White House, it makes every goal I have seem a little more attainable. Obama not only embodies change, but he IS change and since change is inevitable, I'm elated that we are moving towards this type of change!

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