100 Blogs And Counting!!!!

WOW! I can not believe it! I came up with a goal (to blog consistently) and I've actually achieved it! This is my 100th blog post to this site! WOO HOO! CELEBRATION!!!!

I am often hard on myself for starting things and not completing them, but this proves that I can set goals and accomplish them. I feel so great right now!!! I feel so good that the mountain climber in me (You know what mountain climbers see when they reach the top of a mountain? The next highest peak!) wants to set new goals. Here are the top 5 things I want to work on now ...
  1. Find, implement and participate in a physical fitness routine that works for my schedule
  2. Implement daily meditation into my spiritual practice
  3. Save enough money to go to Kendra's wedding in the Bahamas this December
  4. Continue to explore my career goals and find (or create) a position that allows me to do all I desire
  5. Living a life driven from within instead of constantly seeking external things

I think my blog (and the blogs I read often) have given me great insight and inspiration to continue to grow into the autonomous creature I was created to be! I'm extremely excited about the unfolding of this journey and the opportunity to share it here on my blog!

1 comment:

kay* said...

yay! to 100 more posts! congrats :)

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