Letting Art Inspire Me ...

I love artistic people. I've always been drawn to people with talent. For a period in my life, it was a way to deny my own talent ... but now I let the talent of others push me to find my own gifts. During this week two people artists close to me have become my muses.

The first one is really close to home ... LOL! She lives in my home. It is my roommate. I've always known her to be a great writer with creative and inspired ideas. She's written some things that I've fallen in love with and I look forward to those times when she blogs. I didn't know she could draw though. I guess a couple of months ago I noticed this picture on the living room coffee table. It was a drawing of the magazine cover that lay near by. I was floored - could my roommate have drawn this? I asked and she said she'd always drawn a little (hmmm a little huh? It was an exact replica!). When her birthday approached I got the idea to give her a sketchbook and some color pencils. Both were on sale when I went to the art store and there were some charcoal sticks that were on clearance so I grabbed them as well. I felt it would be a good gift - I know she was feeling stuck in her writing so I felt if she explored her other creative talents, the writing ideas would flow. Well today I get ready to leave and she was sitting on the sofa with her pad. She then showed me this AMAZING picture she had drawn (I stole this copy from her facebook). And last night she told me that she began her blog again and about a new project she's beginning to write. I felt so inspired but not like before. Before I'd think "WOW, good for her what am I going to do?". Now I recognize the oneness of us all so her creativity fuels mine! How exciting?

My second form of artistic inspiration came from Terrance, my friend Mistie's boyfriend. He's always extremely positive and inspiring but lately he's been allowing himself to step outside of his confines and really go after it! He's a great photographer and graffiti artist and has begum to share that with others. As a result he was hired to do a backdrop for a show at the UCB! YAY! I hung out with he and Mistie last night and we just were talking about how things begin to shift when you know something and then put action behind it. His action is paying off. (Here are the pictures I swiped from his myspace ... LOL! I am quite the photo swiper today!)

In light of my many inspirations, I'm working on my own artistic endeavors. I know I am extremely creative ... now the letting go and just doing something. No expectations. No definitions. Just letting the art come out and through me. How exciting???


Bianca (as in Jagger) said...

Aw, thank you so much for the honorable mention -- and for swiping my art and sharing it on your blog! I couldn't ask for better advertising! I hope you know that your creativity isn't about what you do, but how you do it... The way you share yourself so openly (as in your blog) is the essence of creativity and your spirited enthusiasm for all things creative is inspiring in itself. Man, it's just a love fest up in here!

Shamira-Christine said...

i'm really happy for BANT...he's been wanting to release his creativity for a while now.

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