This Week ROCKS!

I am loving this week!!! So much good stuff happening ...

  • So my favorite summer reality show is Big Brother. This year was the 10th and best ever in my opinion. Dan, one of my top three favorite players (I chose Libra, Renny and Dan) unanimously won and had the best strategic approach I have seen in all my years of watching the show. He played weak the whole time when in actuality he was clearly one of the most fierce competitors in the 10 year history of the show. YAY Dan!

  • I began watching MTV's "G's to Gents" this summer as well and it's finale was also on Tuesday. This show was great because I got to see that Mr. Fonzworth Bentley, yep Puffy's former umbrella carrier, was not the buffoon I had pegged him as when he would dance around like a fool all the time. He hosted this show that gave young "G's" the opportunity to grow into gentlemen. The more I watched the show I realized Mr. Bentley was really genuine in his attempt to give these young men an opportunity to learn and grow. The transformation of the winner, Creepa (a self-pronounced goon) REALLY changed. It was an obvious growth right in front of over eyes over the duration of the show. YAY Creepa and Mr. Bentley!!! And most importantly YAY MTV for putting this type of programming on ... I mean it IS MTV so they could have reserved that space for a Hills spinoff or more Tila Tequila shows or better yet, as Common said, more bitchin' azz rich kids on Sweet Sixteen.

  • I didn't just experience my life this week at home and at work. I actually got out and did some things. I didn't let the "oh no I can't because I have to work" excuse keep me in the house. I went out on Monday and Wednesday and have plans for Friday (there's the great program at church I'm excited about). I feel like this week has been an example in the balance that my life has needed for sometime. YAY Me!!

  • This is a quick shout out my hot girl clique that will descend upon Indianapolis on Saturday. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it (unless of course I win some money on a scratch off lottery ticket and can get a last minute flight to 'Nap) but I know they will kick it in my absence in fine Hot Girl form! The gals are meeting because we decided at Karla's wedding to make it an event and of course since our dear Josey has found her true love and will tie the knot in November, it was perfect timing. I'll be there in spirit but I know how they do so it will be a great time! YAY Hot Girls! (Clarification - this picture is from Karla's wedding so Karla is somewhere being a blushing bride. Candice was not a member of the Hot Girls as she came to Purdue way later but we love her still and she'll probably be in the mix this weekend SO I hope the original Hot Girls make her take up the slack that will be missing since I won't make it!)


kay* said...

i LOVED g;s to gents too. never missed an episode - would watch it with my two teenaged bothers. i was so moved by creepa's final speech...almost to tears. yes- tear up easily-lol. i was rooting for him the entire time. don't forget to watch the reunion special next week - same day and time...i really hope they stayed positive!

DaVida Chanel said...

A reunion!!!! YES!!! And yes I cried too!!! LOL! But I am a crier so I was crying from the time they started shopping for suits! LOL!

Shamira-Christine said...

your pics from your night-out are really cute! looking like a skinny minnie and the hair is fierce!

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