This picture was so amazingly beautiful to me that I had to post. The litle boy looks so hopeful, so excited, so ready for the future. And Obama with the eyes closed looks as if he's either imparting some wisdom (whether verbally or mentally) or just literally embracing the future. I got this picture in an email and was almost moved to tears. I am consumed with an unrelenting feeling of hope and excitement these days and I think this picture kind of found me in one of those moments. I know anything is possible. I know that change occurs when and as it should. I know that everything has a purpose and divine reason. I know that I am always exactly where I am supposed to be. And when I'm actively concentrating on those things, I feel like this little boy looks in the picture.

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Coconut Brady said...

That is the sweetest perception. It definitely gives you the warm-fuzzies all over!

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