Getting My Chant On

For a long time, I have shunned chanting. When I saw it in the Tina Turner biopic, I didn't understand it - how could saying those words really empower her life? About a year ago, I lived with a family that was Buddhist and they'd chant as a practice. At that point, I guess I understood the spiritual basis of it, but I couldn't get into chanting. They'd try to teach me but because I didn't know the words, I didn't get the meaning. On yesterday at church, I realized I do enjoy chanting ... when I know the words! I guess I have a language issue, not a chanting issue. So the chant, which all this time I considered a song goes like this:

Pour your love in me
Pour your love into my heart
Whoaohhooh wonderful spirit

So simple, but so profound. So now I find myself mentally chanting this when the day gets to be too much. Also, as the chant goes on the word love can be switched with other things you'd like at that moment (peace, joy, etc.). I think this week I'm going to be getting my chant on!

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