The 14 Day Jump Off

I've decided to go home on October 9th for the Homecoming weekend. I was going to get a ticket for either Homecoming or Thanksgiving and considering Thanksgiving is like $700, I opted for Homecoming (I got a ticket as a gift and didn't want to overdo it). I'm extremely excited because I graduated 10 years ago! Simultaneously I'm extremely freaked out because I graduated 10 years ago!!
It is all about perception and I have come to terms that my perception of myself is always a little more detailed (and critical) than most people. Back in 1998, I'll admit, I was a BANGER LOL! I'm pretty fabo now, but back then I was ON! My body was naturally tiny and toned - I was always a perfect size 6 with great skin and beautiful hair. Now don't get it twisted, I'm not ugly or obese or whack now LOL! I'm just a little "not quite right". So what do I do when I need a quick "get right"? I call Mr. Parker ... Not Nate Parker (who I call on in my dreams ALL THE TIME) but Scott Parker, trainer extraordinaire.
Scott trains me in so many ways - not only physical but mental and emotional as well. He's absolutely amazing. His method is simple but results driven. He spells it all out - eat this, do these moves and THINK like this ... I think the "thinking" is the most important part of his DaVida Smith regimen. Additionally he walks the walk. He stays positive and I have never heard him talking down on his situation - he's always speaking things into existence in his life and I notice I am too. The difference is he is speaking on those things he wants and I can tend to talk on those things I don't want.
Alas, Scott was there with the plan ... well I've ALWAYS had the plan but he gave me the motivation to get back on it. I've got 14 days (starting today) to "get it right, get it tight" and I'm READY! I was up at 6:30 this morning getting out of my head and into my body (Mistie was right on her advice that I'd feel better if my energy started moving out of my head). After all, I've got to go back and represent my BANGER status: Grown Azz Woman edition LOL! And God has been so good to me in the last 10 years I owe to myself (and the folk I'll see) to flaunt that!


Shamira-Christine said...

davida, i love you! go head and "get it right, get it tight"...i'd love to see pictures from your trip!! where does this guy train?

DaVida Chanel said...

Hey Girl!

He primarily trains in the Valley but can work it out to come to you. If you are interested he does group work and I know my one friend Christina was thinking of getting with him. I could ask Mistie and if you have any friends, maybe we can get a group together? He also does this thing called the first 48 where he gets you started and gives you a meal plan that is easy to follow ... well easy if you are motivated LMAO!!! Girl I'm gonna be singing Bubba Sparks all the way home! LMAO!

Shamira-Christine said...


how long is the first 48 program?

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