Ed Limato - He Was That Dude

July 10, 1936-July 3, 2010

Many people in Hollywood claim to be "doing things," but real power people are few and far between. To be successful in that city, one must pay their dues. Mr. Ed Limato was a real example of that and his hard work proved worth it as he passed away one of the most notable talent agents in the game. Like most successful Hollywood folk, he worked his way up from assistant to the co-president of ICM. Then in 2007, when he left ICM, he didn't just go retire. The then 69-year old packed up his clients and went to William Morris! Gotta love that. I was a huge fan of Mr. Limato because I knew someone who was his assistant that only had positive things to share-especially in regards to how he cared for his mother. I've actually been over to his home (I'll save that story for my autobiography once I become who I shall be career wise lol) and later when I got my job at Brillstein, I had the pleasure of meeting him. His client list was amazing (including Denzel Washington) and his impact on the entertainment industry is ridiculously amazing. And outside of work, he was known for his fab-o Oscar parties that he hosted at his home-lol and since it was his home,the impeccably dressed man never wore shoes! Today I celebrate the life of an eccentric who through hard work had a stronghold on the industry. His life was a testimony that reminds me that it is okay to just be you no matter what.

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