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My girlfriend Becky has these two adorable daughters, Dominique and Jaidyn. I've never met the girls but like most proud mama's Becky always tells me stories about them. Dominique reminds me of me at that age - a little bit shy or seeking her place in the world; while Jaidyn reminds me of how I wanted to be - self assured, boisterous, owning her spot in the world. (Now this is not to say anything is wrong w/Dominique's approach. She appears to be a sweet and lovely young lady but this post is about Ms. Jaidyn.) So the little miss decided to cut her hair because her older sister got bangs. Poor Becky was livid on Facebook - it was kind of funny though b/c she had no idea what to expect. Yep it was pretty horrible. Her facial expression didn't help matters much either!
Here's the thing though, poor Becky was all upset as any mother would be, Ms. Jaidyn was just fine. Today she got herself together and was not concerned one bit about how jacked that haircut was!
Isn't that what all the confident folk do?!? They do what they please in regards to their look/style and have no regard of how others view them. And the funny thing is that people respond to them in positive ways! We've all seen some person rocking some crazy looking gear or look but has so much confidence it doesn't matter. (My fav Zoe Kravitz can sometimes appear a bit homeless!) On the other hand, we can see someone laid to death in the top designers around and not look twice - it's all about confidence. Lil' Miss Jaidyn's confidence is just the boost my inner child needed. Sometimes she's scared to express who she really is because of fear of rejection. Jaidyn proves that it doesn't matter what others think as long as you like it rock it! I can't wait to meet the lil' diva and let her know I think she is awesome!


becky g said...

I love it girl! And yes, she is proud of her jacked up hairstyle and set out exactly what she wanted to accomplish. She has bangs now!! LOL Thank you so much for allowing me to see this in a more positive light. Her creativity is amazing and I just hope she begins to use it in a more constructive manner. As of now, the hair is braided and set to be styled and brought back to normal next week. Well, MY version of normal, at least!

becky g said...

LOL I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for putting a positive spin on things girl. I was ready to kill her!!! I just pray she starts using this creativity for something a little more positive!! Her goal was to have bangs like her sister and well, she has them now! Thanks girl, great blog!!!

Karla said...

Oh, mercy! Is this what I have to look forward to? LOL! This kids are adorable, by the way!

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