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Before I moved to L.A., I read a book about landing your first job in Hollywood. It said the way to any longevity in the city, one had to go the assistant route. It said once you become an assistant, you must do your job to the fullest - and even more importantly, let your boss be the boss. Master being a great understudy and refine your leadership skills by serving great leaders. I took those words of advice to heart. When my boss(es) would do crazy stuff to get on my nerves, I'd let it ride and clean up his(their) messes because that's what a great assistant does. Being as humble as possible, I was a damn good assistant. Even the brilliant crazy azz BM said so (and he NEVER gave a compliment that wasn't well deserved!)! Problem is I never wanted to be an assistant - I went to pursue a career as an executive. I just got caught up in the assistant lane because I'm good at it and it was safe (someone is always looking to hire a great assistant) .

How's it safe? Well,the thing about Hollywood is it is the one place where no one really wants to be the person who can officially say yes...until they know that yes is going to pay off. I mean imagine being the guy who says yes to a $100,000 budget to a movie that flops! It can be a scary thing. Ironically no one wants to say no either - lol the agent who turned down Julia Roberts has a great career BUT no longer as an agent! Starting a business there is damn near impossible unless you are independently wealthy and that still doesn't guarantee anything. Being a great assistant is like a safety net - everyone is always looking for one. You get all the perks with fewer risks (you get everything your boss and their clients get and you have an entire network of people just like you!). Yes you do have to protect your boss at all times but that boss is the one who has to make sure the bills get paid and the lights stay on. Talk about pressure-making sure you, your clients, your family and your employees all eat and do well is MEGA pressure.

Staying in that assistant lane is very tempting but after the monotony of it, I felt myself ready to branch off. The average amount of years an assistant is an assistant before making the leap is at least five. The recession made that amount of time become unpredictable. In general, you pay your dues learn the biz for that allotted time and you'll eventually move up. I was quite frustrated because once I'd master the desk, I'd get so bored. (And after doing it for a while, it didn't take much time to master a desk.) I vowed when I came to New Orleans, I'd be an executive NOT an assistant. But my pattern was the same.

I find as I pursue my goals, it is easy for me to want to work for others. Instead of saying, "this is what I can do," I generally ask, "how can I help." Many folk I've attempted to "help" didn't get it and the situations didn't work out. I'm extremely fortunate because one of the people I wanted to "help" and work "for," was instead looking for people to work with to achieve his goals. That situation taught me to switch my question to "how can I work WITH you." That type of attitude is providing many great opportunities across the board and exciting things are happening!

Things are looking better!

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Jeri Soldani Rodriguez said...

You have always been the nicest, kindest person with such a zest & "SPUNKINESS" way for life!!! I am so very happy to see that you are living your dream!!! Way to go my Plaquemine homegirl! Love ya & miss ya!!! I am loving reading all of your blogs! Sincerely,

Jeri Soldani

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