Inception: AMAZING

On May 8, I wrote that I could not wait until July 16. Today is July 16 and directly after work I went to the movies to see Inception. Do NOT click more if you do not want spoilers!More... It was the most brilliant movie I've ever seen. It was so profound and layered and entertaining. EVERYTHING about it was dope - great writing, great directing, great cinematography, great storytelling, great casting, GREAT GREAT GREAT! I'm beyond pleased. There was also something kinda lifechanging about it - "what you know is one thing but what you believe is entirely different!" So many messages: you have to take risks in order to reach what it is you desire; you can not do it alone; you must let somethings literally die in order to move on; you can not allow other things to die no matter what in order to move on; your subconscious is a powerful place...and the list goes on and on. I absolutely am in love with this movie and anxiously await my next viewing!!!!

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