On To The Next One

Working in the world of physical production is a challenge for me. Not because the work is super hard or demanding, but b/c the gigs are not long term. I enjoy the stability of knowing where I'll work for the next few years and production just doesn't work that way. The average production will take 3-6 months to shoot so the gigs come and go. Nothing is guaranteed in this biz but the production side is much more irratic than when I worked desks in L.A.

I'm VERY excited because I just got my next job in production. It is a great treat because it is a project I am a huge fan of. It films in Baton Rouge which is an hour or so from New Orleans. I'm going to be able to live with my granny - another great treat b/c with the hours I work I rarely get to go see her. Even though I'll still be crazy busy with work, it'll be great to be able to see her everyday! Because my business is starting to really grow, I am going to keep my place in NOLA. (And hopefully some Sundays I'll get to go see my Saints -hint hint to anyone that wants to invite me to a game!). Another great thing is that I won't have a lapse in employment - I wrap here on July 31 and start there on Aug 2. It'll be awesome b/c I can FINALLY join the union!

I'm most pleased because this was not my plan - it literally just happened! I just let go and let things fall into place - normally pretty difficult stuff for me. I'm walking the walk when it comes to my faith and belief that everything will happen just as it should. Gotta remember that NO MATTER WHAT the Universe is conspiring for my good!

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