It Was All A Dream...

Let me start by saying, I dream in color and as if it were a movie-very detailed and vivid.
...I was walking in a hallway of what appeared to be my home, but not where I live now. It had a ton of windows and I felt like I was in L.A. or maybe Miami. I was holding my stomach smiling when the phone rung (not iPhone, but a house cordless phone). I answered and like in the movies, I could see who I was talking to - it was Diddy (yep that Diddy). He said hey. I said hey and bit my lip. He said you have to take it easy or it won't work. I said its all good the doctor said we'll be great. He said take care of my baby. I said that's why you picked me because you knew I would. He said that's my girl. Before I hung up, a man walked up behind me. I knew who he was (in the dream) but I can't recall what he looks like. I told Diddy buh-bye and hung up. I hugged the dude and then woke up...

So I've been doing a lot of dream work. I have been reading about how your subconscious mind can communicate messages to you when you're asleep. I felt like this was one of those communications. Do I think it mean me and Diddy gonna have a baby ummm no.
Background: I have always loved Diddy but not in a I wanna marry him type of way but in a I wanna be him way. I admire his work ethic - he became a MOGUL and was literally a dude who threw college parties, hot parties but parties nonetheless. Moreover, I admire how his work ethic never stopped his social ethic! Diddy get's it in! I always felt like that if Sean Combs could become Diddy I could become DaVida Chanel, a mogul in my own rite. The difference is, I don't know what my "thing" is yet. As Jay-Z said, no one could touch Diddy when he had it-he was the hottest producer/manager/label guy out there. He went against the grain and did him NO MATTER WHAT! To me, Diddy represents the American Dream. He came from meager beginnings but through hard work and sheer ambition he became the man we know today.

So if I dreamed that a part of him was literally inside of me, maybe my subconscious is telling me that it is! If I dug deeper with the analysis, if the dream were real and I got "pregnant" with some Diddy-ness, then I'd be due around March...which I've been told happens to be a very good time for me (if you're into astrology, that's when my Part of Fortune will be at its peak...and since I'm Scorpio rising its gotta mean something that Diddy is a Scorpio...). I take this dream (and all my dreams) as a message. So instead of shrugging it off, I'm hard at work-deciding what the "thing" that will make me a mogul will be.

Stay tuned for the arrival of another part of me...

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Kay* said...

Wow. Wow.
I really love the way you interpreted your dream - and really, it makes so much sense and seems so clear now that you made sense of it :) ...i need you to start interpreting my dreams because sometimes i think there's a message there but i just can't figure it out..

i look forward to what comes next for you

(and btw that's another thing we've got in common. i've always liked diddy. regardless of how 'whack' he may seem at times and the flack he gets i really admire him and what he's created. like you said - he's a mogul! and seriously, when he dances and does the diddy bounce, even after all these years - it still makes me wanna jam. 'last night' with keyshia cole is STILL my jam. i hear it in the car and crank it up and get SO excited lol. i wanna go to a diddy party! lol)

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