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Yesterday I celebrated my 33th year of life on Earth. God is so good! I can not believe I'm 34! When I look in the mirror I look around 24 and when I think of myself I just don't think of myself as a 34-year-old woman! CRAZY. Anyway last year I started doing the year in review list to remind myself of what was happening in my world so I don't forget (I feel we sometimes have trouble seeing where we are b/c we forget where we came from). So here's my list for year 33!

DaVida Chanel's Highlights of Year 33
  • I brought in my birthday on stage w/Rebirth Brass Band!
  • In August I returned to my waitress gig...I felt sucky about it but on the third day, Tyler Perry came in which made me realize I was on the right track.
  • I, along with the rest of the world, mourned the loss of legend, Michael Jackson.
  • I started a new feature on my blog called "She Makes Me Wanna" and featured ladies who make me want to do things. I also stared "Friend In My Head" about people that I hang out with in my head.
  • I fell in love w/New Orleans ... HARD! Because I wasn't working consistently, I had time to really experience some of the cool things NOLA has to offer. I love this place!
  • I spoke to the President of the UNITED STATES! President Barack Obama came to town and I had the opportunity to ask him a question - and it was a good one!
  • I threw a mixer at a local club.
  • I took a class on Final Cut and learned to edit film.
  • I was the female lead in a hip-hop video.
  • I had a photo shoot where I was a guitar toting rocker chick.
  • I got to see Lenny Kravitz at Voodoo Fest and my friend caught his guitar stick!!!

  • I saw Avatar which was amazing to me-visually stunning and it made me fall in love w/3D.
  • I got to be assistant to amazing director Clark Johnson on the pilot of Delta Blues, which was written by Liz Garcia and Josh Harto, old friends from L.A.
  • The New Orleans Saints won the SUPERBOWL!!!!!!
  • I became ok w/the fact that my career had changed forever - I no longer need a M-F, 9-5 existence-I see that my success will come with a whole lot less stability.
  • I began doing freelance PR work.
  • Josh and Liz's show got picked up by TNT and I went to work on the show in March.
  • My new boss at the job is amazing and she set me up with my next gig starting Aug. 2-directly after this one ends on July 30.
  • I organized a community service event for Kourtney Heart called Kourtney's Little Princesses.
  • I worked on the planning and organization of NOLA Summer Jam 2010.
  • I began work on a documentary focusing on the hip-hop community in New Orleans. It has fallen apart but I got invaluable experience in case I decide to pursue it on my own.
  • I had a reunion with my bestest friends from Indiana!
  • I had a fab time at Essence and the highlights were seeing Janet Jackson and watching Mary J. Blige FROM the stage!!!
So yes, the year of 33 was great and full of extreme highs and lows. I'm excited about what is to come in the year of 34! I got a feeling this is going to be a hardworking but fruitful one!


Kristian said...

Wow. Kudos to you for working so hard at your dreams and also (positively) reflecting on all your accomplishments. You're definitely a huge inspiration to me and I truly enjoy reading your blog. Keep doing your thang girl!

Big Notch said...

what is it about us cancers and blogging?

anyways, really nice blog. I like it :)

Gina-Banafrit said...

I love this idea! I usually do a general reflection to ensure I am not in the same "place" I was the year before, but keeping a list is an even greater idea! Look at you and all the things you've done....straight awesomness!

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