Let Me Upgrade Me...

I had to be up VERY early this AM for work. I was having a case of the Mondays and needed some music to shake me from my funk. As I perused through my cds in the car I ran across "Bday". Now Ms. Beyonce always get me out of my moods but BDAY was so significant b/c my BDAY is on Wednesday!!! I had forgotten how much I like this cd. By the time I got to the bridge, no.4 popped on - UPGRADE U. I love love love that song and can often be heard saying things like, "That boy just don't know, he should let me upgrade him!" Well today, in light of the 34th anniversary of my birth, I decided, what if I upgrade me!!! So as I ponder ways to up myself to the next level enjoy Ms. Bey!!!

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