SO PROUD - Vote for My Students :)

Amongst the many jobs I have had, I am proud to say I was a Barbizon instructor! This year they held a contest only for Barbizon students - there's a new movie coming out called STANDING OVATION and the girls were able to submit a video. If selected, they get to attend the premiere Hollywood style. Of all the girls in the country, two of my students MADE THE CUT!!! How exciting!!! Please please please go to the site and vote for Baton Rouge High's own Marissa and Kim!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Here's the link: http://www.girlslife.com/StandingOvation/Voting.aspx


All This Love

Last night I tuned into the BET Awards. I have so many comments but I'll say that the highlight for me was when El Debarge gave an impromptu concert! He came from NO WHERE (I had no idea he'd appear) and sang a slew of his hits. He sang one of my all time fav songs that I tend to forget about! When I was a kid I used to sing the heck out of this song! Obviously at that tender age I didn't really know what he was talking about...or did I? As a kid, I loved the idea of love that I heard about in ballads and saw on romantic movies. I'd sing my heart out b/c in some sort of weird way I REALLY felt the words. When we are young, we sometimes know more than our age indicates. Now that I'm older, I don't think I am as open to love ... but the reality is that true LOVE is always there for us. Its not always in some person but in life itself. Before I go on a tangent, here's my Monday motivational song. All that love awaits all of us!!!!


Don't You Dare Do It!!!

Don't ever scale back your dreams. And don't ever set limits on what you can achieve. And don't think for one single moment that your destiny is out of your hands, because no one's in control of your destiny but you. - Michelle Obama


F 'Em....

The last two weeks have been a lot! I've had some serious issues with some folk that were in my world. When pushed to a certain point, I can become consumed with anger, thoughts of revenge and really strong emotions of rage. Don't let the dimples fool you - I spent many a day in anger management as a kid because people would make me so mad all I could see was the color red! I did not enjoy those times - out of anger I would do things so uncharacteristic of me that it would scare not only my family but me too! Now I try my best to avoid all confrontation - I know where that crap can lead so why bother. I literally tiptoe around things all the time (lol! literally-my friend does a funny impersonation of how I walk around people all the time). But over the last two weeks I found myself in percarious situations where the white light slowly began to fade to red. In the past when it got that bad and the red came I'd say f' 'em and let the chips fall where they may. This time, I decided to say f' 'em but in a much different way. Instead of the F-#-@-& word, I chose the F-o-r-g-i-v-e word.
Here's the thing, in forgiving what I perceive as a wrong done to me, I set myself free. This is not about the other person, it is all about me and my response to the issue at hand. Instead of seeking revenge or politic-ing against them, I simply decided to forgive and move on. While it doesn't absolve them from the wrong they did to me, that's not really my job. The best and highest solution to the problem. It did take a minute and the red eventually faded back to light but it's now over and done with and I've set myself free from the issues. And kharmacially I know it was the best choice available! So when one wrongs you, remember I said to F' em...and if that's not enough, quote Oscar Wilde: "Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them more!".


I Am He....

I read somewhere that we all are mirrors of characters in the Bible. When I was young I LOVED this one cartoon about this kid with a time machine that got to go back to the Bible days. I got to know the characters of the Bible very well through the cartoon. As I got older, I would attend vacation Bible school every summer. That furthered my education on the personalities of people during the Bible days. As a kid, I gravitated toward David b/c of my name (often times on first glance people think it is David A. instead of DaVida). Now that I'm older and more aware, I think I gravitated toward David because I see so much of myself and my life in his.
First reason, when he was a kid, David was NOT looked at as a king - in fact, he was the little brother that had to tend to the sheep. Further, when the King sent word to Jesse that one of his sons would be king, he didn't even introduce David! I see that as a great parallel with my childhood. I don't think anyone, including my family, believed I'd be this far in my life right now, but in my heart, I knew I was always destined for something more.
Then there's the Golliath thing - I feel that I have encountered Golliath's quite a bit in my life. I will feel overwhelmed with some insurmountable adversary but every time, I find the strength to face the obstacles. That strength is generally based in the fact I know God is with me and has my back - sometimes it just takes a while for me to remember.
Another reason I love David so is that I've had my share of ummm...indiscretions lol! But obviously David did as well - he was absolutely not a "perfect" man! And God loved him. A lot. Despite how "bad" he was. God saw his good. I want to be more like David in the level of my faith - no matter what he praised God. I want to be that strong that when I face issues, I don't want to have that lapse where I wonder if I am going to be okay. Clearly David faced a few sticky situations and even when on the run for his life, he not only praised God, but wrote the most commonly read book in the Bible!
So in response to the article, I must say while I find similarities with many characters in the Bible, I am most like David. After all, there are no coincidences so my name alone is a reminder of my connection to him!

Visionaire Fashion Show

I constantly talk about how creative people in this city are! Tonight the creative focus will be on new designers-well designers that are new to me. I love love love fashion shows - not the kind where its really a party with some models walking around, but a REAL fashion show where you sit down and watch as someone's hard work is visually presented to you live in action. I enjoy watching new designers because the stories they tell within their collections can be so captivating. It sounds like this is event will be awesome! I wish I could go but we have the kickoff party for our show tonight. I know this event is going to be great so if you are in New Orleans looking for something innovative, go and support!


NOLA Summer Jam

New Orleans has been good to me in so many ways. The biggest way is that it has inspired my creativity. My ideas have been flowing like water and I've been meeting equally talented folk to help me actually complete my endeavors. There is so much talent here it is hard to explain. I've been most impressed with the hip hop community here. First of all, there IS a REAL, viable hip hop community here. I will admit before I moved here I thought it was just the typical expected sound but in actuality there is a great amount of conscious, enlightened rappers that can go head to head with any national artist. ANY of them. Then there's great producers. Such original beats and sounds I just love it. I'm really grateful to have met Lawrence "CRACKTRACKS" Parker. He's not only a dope producer who loves music, he loves his native city of New Orleans. I posted his Motivation504 mixtape a while ago, but failed to mention that is also a dope event promoter. His latest endeavor is NOLA SUMMER JAM. I actually got to be a part of the planning of the event that is the initial stage of bringing an official hiphop festival to New Orleans, which is known for the multitude of music festivals it hosts every year. If you're around and free on this Saturday, June 19, come check out this movement that has me captivated.

For the latest information on the event and ticket information please visit : http://www.nolasummerjam.blogspot.com/


If You Ask Me I'm Ready ...

Unthinkable - Impossible to imagine; inconceivable. Contrary to what is plausible or probable. Not to be thought of or considered.

When I first heard the Alicia Keys song "Unthinkable," I immediately found that it resonated with me. I was so drawn to it and I assumed it was because of the guy I was digging. If that situation had worked out it would have been unthinkable! LOL! It didn't pan out so but I still get a really good feeling when I hear the song. So I began to examine the word "Un-THINK-able". Hmmmm what things do I need to un-think?
What would happen if I...
  • I completed my documentary and submitted it to film festivals?
  • I finished writing this short I've been playing around with forever?
  • I stopped trying to be "right" and just went with my gut?
  • I went after the deepest desires of my heart?
  • I found out the true power I possess?
  • I committed whole entirely to a healthier lifestyle?
  • I found the strength to release all addictions?
  • I opened up myself to love all the time no matter what?
  • I saw the good in all situations?
  • Found a way to work with people when they were imperfect instead of just shutting down?
  • Forgave myself for everything?
  • Accepted people (including myself) for who they are instead of holding them to my standards?
  • Got out out of my head and stopped over-thinking everything?
  • Pour myself into my own projects they way I pour myself into the work of others?
  • Love myself unconditionally?
  • Acknowledge that I'm a child of the most high so no matter what I'm ok?
  • Let go of everything I think I have in pursuit of what I am to become?
If I do the unthinkable, will I be viewed as crazy? The reality is that I'm driving myself crazy debating and procrastinating. I'm not sure I'm fully prepared for what shall come, but I do know without a doubt that I'm ready...


That's It!

The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore, not to find out Who You Are, seek to determine Who You Want to Be.
Neale Donald Walsh, Conversations with God



See Me Now?

This song says it all ....


Another 28 Days...

I am a firm believer in detoxing and 2-3 times a year, I do some sort of cleanse. It generally involves no alcohol, processed food, red meat or sugar. I also try to implement some sort of spiritual element. These cleanses go for at least a month and I always feel better after. A part of me always feels like I'm in rehab when I'm on these cleanses and since rehab is defined as restoring or repairing,making habitable again, I guess I am! This month I've decided to do a couple of things. The first is I'm doing a water study. For 30 days the only beverage I'm consuming is Kangen water. (Its alkaline water and you can learn more about it at www.TheWonderWaterStory.com). I'm also reading "The 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse," by Denise Ford. Super SUPER exciting! My girl Oprah had Denise on a while ago but I had to wait for the right time to read it. This is that time!As part of my water study I had to take a snapshot of before and after (Apparently the water is going to lead to healthier, more radiant skin!). Here's me early in the morning, no makeup, no hair gel.Stay tuned to see if there's a remarkable difference at the end of the month. I'm doing this cleanse for a variety of reasons but the main one is to get in touch with my true goals and essence. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!


Bottled Water... I'm Off That!

I have thousands of theories about how many manufactured products are a bunch of hype to keep us hooked. Now I see even the water I drink is about of this trend!!! Watch, learn, decide for yourself. I personally decided NO MORE bottled water. I am still leery of the water here since Katrina, but I refuse to participate in this nonsense anymore! Not only are we buying a falsely advertised product, the bottles are a main source of pollution!And did you know that studies show when plastic water bottles sit around in the sun (you know like driving and the bottle is in your car or when the bottles have sat in the moving truck for days from the manufacturer to the store!). Yeah I'm off bottled water. RIGHT NOW!

JAYE Magazine is BACK!!!

JAYE, the lifestyle magazine that realizes college is more than the classroom and serves as the authority on fashion, style, beauty, health and culture for smart, sophisticated and stylish women across the country as they achieve success now and work towards post-graduate prosperity later, relaunches this fall, relaunches this fall and there are still opportunities to contribute! The magazine is online, so you can be anywhere to contribute as long as you have Internet access and a computer.

If you can identify trends as they happen in the street or on the runway, and conceptualize them into engaging and lustful story ideas; if you know what the Alex Wang Freja and PS1 are and why they're relevant to the current fashion landscape; and if you have an insatiable hunger to find the newest, most under-the-radar talents in the industry, then a spot on the JAYE fashion team may be for you. E-mail Fashion Director Chandler Stephens (Chandler.Stephens@yahoo.com) with your resume and a short cover letter in the body of the message.

Are you just as interested in the psychological side of beauty as the product- and trend-driven aspects of the topic? Are you able to translate key makeup and hair trends into irresistible prose that not only engages readers, but enlightens them? Does hunting for health and fitness stories, trends and breakthroughs get you blood boiling? Then, we want you on our beauty team. E-mail Editor-in-Chief Michael Jones (jayemagmike@gmail.com) with your resume and a short cover letter in the body of the message.

If you are proactive about going to get stories and not waiting for them to come to you, e-mail Executive Editor Melissa Kimble (mkimble076@gmail.com) about joining our features team. You should know what a lead is, have a little experience interviewing a variety of people, have access to and know what an AP Stylebook is, and be able to juggle a couple of stories at a time. Also, there are tons of FOB opportunities for shorter culture and lifestyle pieces so if you're searching for a few clips, we just may be a match made in magazine heaven.

JAYE seeks a savvy, organized and articulate managing editor to oversee editorial production, managing editorial, art, photo and to ensure, in simple terms, that the magazine closes on time. You'll work to create issue production schedules, develop and enforce departmental deadlines and provide administrative management for the editorial staff. You should have some experience on newspapers and magazines and be well-versed in all aspects of lifestyle publications. This isn't a writing-first position, but if you're looking for an opportunity to lead a staff of young, creative and ambitious college students and recent grads, then you should sending your e-mail and cover letter to EIC Michael Jones (jayemagmike@gmail.com), stat!


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