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I decided last year that I was ready to fall in love. I wanted to make myself totally open to the idea of being in a relationship. I worked really hard - I began to meditate more. I sought advice from people I felt were in loving relationships. I told everyone I knew I was interested in falling in love. I made a vision board. I even got a group together to read "Calling In the One". I put in all this work but I didn't get my "goal" of a loving relationship.
A few weeks ago I got a library card and grabbed "The Path to Love" by Deepak Chopra. I see his books on every spiritual book list but had never read his work. I decided to grab it and see what it was all about.
It is a great read that was extremely beneficial to me. He breaks down what love is - an idea not quite the same as what I was calling love. I wanted this love I could define - I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, feel like and I could easily grasp it. So I went out in search of those qualities and feelings and when they arose I figured it must be love. I made scenarios fit my thoughts and I ignored any reasoning, emotions or intuition that said this might not be the real thing. Even in my more enlightened state of searching for love, I was acting from ego. This book was extremely helpful because his strategies about love are soothing and healing. It feels good. I learned so much but most of all I learned that "we feel bored when we can't admit we have desires." WOW! What a statement. It made me start to realize there have been many desires I have suppressed because they seem unrealistic, silly or stupid. I feel like my time may have passed or that I don't have that particular talent anyway. Even with love or relationships rather, I get bored when I realize the person is not who I want them to be (because secretly if I can "fix" them, I won't have to "fix" me). This book was a great eye opener and manual for revealing more aspects of what love truly is like and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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