Get Going ...

This week is about letting go. I've got too much stuff stored up and working myself silly obviously isn't the answer. So this week I'm letting go ...

Tomorrow I'm going get a hairstyle I've wanted for YEARS but never got. Let's hope it turns out right. (I've got all confidence in Dee who is doing my do on tomorrow! After all her name is Dee like my nickname how bad can it be?). I'm getting a weave - partially b/c in my attempt b/c as I was cleaning out my stuff I found my $350 "good hair" from Xtensions Plus that I bought and only wore for like 3 weeks. I'm going to let her cut it and hopefully I'll look like this:

I'm also cleaning up some crap this week. I have a tendency to hold on to things way past their time - I have some pants I bought when I was in college. They don't fit well (I'm not sure they ever did but they were on sale) and they are no longer in style but I keep them around b/c they are consistent (meaning I can wear them in a "work" setting). Time for them and the other stuff that is just festering in my closet to go. I am tossing old makeup I never use, the random sheets of paper (YES! I drove from Texas to California and then from Cali' to Louisiana with freaking paper!). This paper is random printing paper that is no longer bright white but kind of dingy that I didn't want to throw away b/c I might have to print something (even though the whole time in Cali' I never bought ink for my printer). Well it is getting tossed! I've got several earrings with no matches I was hoping the missing one would show up and it hasn't. I've got so much random crap it makes it hard for new stuff to come in. And that is the goal this week - releasing so I can make room for what is trying to come in.

I've said before how I have so many great, loving friends. But I tend to spend so much time on the random folks that may or may not care about me that I don't have time to build upon those solid friendships. So this week is about exploring what I'm getting out of those taxing relationships and letting it go!

I'm detoxing this week - so all that crappy stuff let over in my body - yep it has got to go too! Yep, I'm getting rid of EVERYTHING this week - if it no longer serves me it is time to LET GO! I'm ready because at the end of this week if I'm left with nothing, I'll still be left with me ... the real me sans the stuff and that sounds just fine to me.

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