Wanting Comfort Food

I feel like I'm pretty much over living in Los Angeles. I've come to terms with no beach here and am dealing with the weather which is much hotter and more humid. One thing I'm not over is the grocery store Trader Joe's. It was amazing - it is like a discount Whole Foods. I love their soups ESPECIALLY the tomato soup. It is so great and I need that tonight. Tonight I seek comfort.

I get so emotional sometimes. I get extremely scared and I find myself not functioning from the soul level. My ego screws me all up and I get so confused as to what is real and what isn't. I seek some answers and at the time I can only see my pain. It is hard to see anything from anyone else's point of view and I just see my hurt.

I had a lot of emotional pain today - probably most self inflicted but it still hurts. I wish I had some Trader Joe's soup. I went and got a cup from Whole Foods - let's home it rises to the challenge.

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