Thank You Scummy Boy THANK YOU

About 5 years ago, I saw this guy, Matt, I used to date for the last time. As I walked away I said to myself, "Oh well, thanks for nothing." Well I have to retract that statement. Matt was the person who introduced me to the wonderfulness of the Dave Matthews Band. This past weekend at New Orleans Jazzfest, I got to experience it for myself!!! I loved Dave (b/c his music touches me so, I can call him by his first name) on CD but seeing him live was AMAZING! I loved the show. I tried to stand still but the music kept taking me over. AMAZING!!! So come to find out, Dave has lived in New Orleans for about a year working on his latest album coming out this summer. He said the city inspired him! I think watching Dave, feeling the music, being fueled by the energy all inspired me to use this city as the place to tap into my creativity!

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Josey said...

So Matt was actually good for something! Imagine that!! LOL! Glad you enjoyed the show. I can't believe you've never seen Dave live before. He's absolutely fantastic. More important, way to put a positive spin on all things relating to Matt. I'm impressed!

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