Too Tired to Sleep

I worked all day today and around 7 I had to pump myself up to make it through the shift. Now at 11:30 pm, I'm tired but too wired to sleep. I decided to take a stroll through the blogosphere and came across a blog I liked. Eb the Celeb did a random 50 list so I decided to burn off some of this restless energy by tackling a list of my own!

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS. Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you see these 50 words. Don’t think and don’t go back and change. Doesn’t matter how random it is, just type it!

  • 1. Beer: Good when cold sucks when not
  • 2. Food: I love to eat
  • 3. Relationships: working on the one w/self
  • 4. Your CRUSH: ARGH drives me up a wall and shouldn't be my crush anymore but hey what are you gonna do?
  • 5. Power Rangers: LMAO! I actually know one!
  • 6. Life: aaahhhh life - how great this adventure is
  • 7. The President: Is A M A Z I N G
  • 8. Yummy: "Yummy yummy yummy I've got food in my tummy!"
  • 9. Cars: Driving on an open highway
  • 10. Movies: Love watching movies on lazy days!
  • 11. Halloween: One of my favorites; I love playing dress up on regular days so Halloween is fun!
  • 12. Sex: I really like sex LOL! No REALLY! I think my college psychology of sexuality imprinted on my brain that women reach their peak in their 30's ...
  • 13. Religion: Is overrated; KNOWING and defining your own spirituality and living from that knowledge is where its at :)
  • 14. Hate: is whack! At the end of the day where does it get us anyway?
  • 15. Fear: is whack! LOL! But it can make things really complicated.
  • 16. Marriage: Would be nice but I guess it is just not my time
  • 17. Blondes: Have more fun? Tell Christina Milan - poor girl been getting dissed since she went that shade
  • 18. Slippers: are good - wearing some fuzzy, cozy ones now :)
  • 19. Shoes: are my weakness; I think shoes are what makes us women look sexy
  • 20. Asians: that's a weird one ... what am I supposed to say about Asians?
  • 21. Past time: Visioning
  • 22. One night stand: ahhhh brings us back to No. 12
  • 23. My cell phone: needs to be upgraded
  • 24. Smoke: mmmmhhhmmmm it is almost the holiday dedicated to smoking
  • 25. Fantasy: I'd like to start living the fantasy I have for my life
  • 26. College: Was a big growing point in my life
  • 27. High school life: was whack! I don't have fond memories of that time.
  • 28. Pajamas: Love PJ's ... see #18
  • 29. Stars: 1,000 stars in the sky and that's the reason why ...
  • 30. Center: Finding your center is important before pursuing new goals
  • 31. Alcohol: I need some alcohol (rubbing alcohol that is) for this bug bite on my leg ... itchy!
  • 32. The word love: is wildly over-used and even more times, incorrectly used.
  • 33. Friends: how many of us have them?
  • 34. Money: comes and goes
  • 35. Heartache: is tough
  • 36. Time: is probably more vast than we can imagine
  • 37. Divorce: seems to defeat the purpose
  • 38. Dogs: can be loyal
  • 39. Undies: have to compliment your outfit
  • 40. Parents: are responsible for cultivating young lives ... a huge responsibility that some people just don't take seriously enough
  • 41. Babies: are a real responsibility
  • 42. Ex: Hmmmm, not sure who that would be since the last few dudes I dated didn't know they were in a relationship!
  • 43. Song: sing me a song ...
  • 44. Color: Necessary for this spring
  • 5. Weddings: Aren't as important as the vows and meaning behind the ceremony
  • 46. Pizza: has gotten creative these days
  • 47. Hangout: not as much as I used to
  • 48. Rest: is good.
  • 49. Goal: to become all that I'm destined to become.
  • 50. Inspiration: Knowing that I'm never truly alone because I know God is always with me.

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