Today Was A Good Day

Today was a pretty good day. I got up early and went for a long walk - no particular destination, just walking. I listened to Joel Osteen and Marianne Williamson, stopped at the library book sale and then came home, showered and got ready for the day.
First I had an eyebrow appointment. I love how my brows looked when they are done. It is hard to find someone who does them correctly. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I found Ty at Belladonna. A M A Z I N G! She was super cool and even let me snap a quick before and after shot.
By the time I was done, it was time for lunch. I didn't really know what I wanted and was driving around pretty aimlessly and came across the fruit man. He was great and for like $7, I got bananas, tomatoes, oranges and plums. But most of all his sign reminded me I had some avocados at home. I went to Whole Foods and got some organic corn chips and salsa, and returned to the house to whip up my guacamole and some spa water (mint, lemons, cucumbers, lime). DELISH!

I had an appointment with a new "therapist" to help me with my issues. He was great. We had a great connection and felt as if I'd known him for some time. I got tons of insight on my current situations, and even some work to do. After it was done, I got a call from my friend who was in town and we decided to go to dinner. She even brought me a hot date :)
My friend and her bright eyed boy took me out to dinner at good ole' Houston's (second dinner there this week!). We had a great time chatting and catching up.

I'll say today was a good day :)


kay* said...

sounds like it was a good day. and your lunch sounds DELISH!

Marcia McGee said...

Awww! Look at the cutie pie! LOL! I didn't realize that you took this picture...

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