Coming Into My Own

Last week I did a cleanse and I feel so much lighter this week. I feel optimistic and excited about the things to come. I feel that seeds I planted are beginning to spring forth!
  • Today was the first "official" day of mine on the new gig. I am a production assistant on a feature shooting here in New Orleans. It is a big budget picture and I find the subject matter interesting. I found today that I like physical production. We mostly walked and drove around locations with the art department but it was so interesting to me. For instance, the project is set post civil war so they were discussing how to make simple changes like what to do with the numbers on the homes to make them look period. I never really thought about stuff like that before so this is a great learning experience. It is also exciting to see modern homes turn into that period in days. VERY exciting.
  • I'm also finally feeling like my apartment is home. I feel really comfortable and am enjoying my space. It takes time to make a place home and there are still tons of improvements I'd like to make but right now it is cool.
  • I'm enjoying physical activity! I do not like working out -it is like pulling teeth. I started walking just to get out and get moving. I really like it. I listen to positive and motivational podcasts and enjoy the sites around my neighborhood. I see something new each time I go out for a walk.
  • I paid my taxes!!!!!!
  • I've got a new creative idea I'm pursuing. It is way big for me and I'll definitely need to bring other people in at some point but I'm excited about the groundwork I need to put into the idea. I'm not yet ready to share (it is REALLY big) but more details to come.
  • I'm going to be an auntie soon!!! My friend Karla is expecting and very soon we should have a new baby!

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