Playing Hooky ... Kind Of

Yesterday I worked a double at the restaurant - since it was Sunday I was scheduled for the morning shift. This girl I work with who never needed days off was going on a cruise so I picked up her evening shift. It was scheduled to be my last day there because today I was supposed to start work on my new gig - the production job on the movie. The restaurant knew the deal with the movie and was extremely cool about me leaving and coming back after it wraps in like 3 months. But because so many people were recently fired or quit, they asked if there was any way I could work tonight let them know.
So this morning I texted my new boss just to see where I should report at my 1pm start time (I work in locations so it is always different). He was like no sweat, come in tomorrow at 9 and by the way I'm paying you for today anyway. I was like COOL! Now I've got a free day. I don't want to work at the restaurant. I want to chill and relax. Maybe do some light cleaning and go buy some shoes ... comfortable, affordable flats that I can wear to work. I need to go pay some bills. I think I'm going to keep my day to myself!

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kay* said...

woo-hoo to a free PAID day! enjoy it :) and good luck with the new gig. can't wait to hear/read about it.

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